Meredith Wheeler is one of the characters in the book Sharp Objects and the upcoming HBO television series of the same name.

About[edit | edit source]

Meredith Wheeler is John Keene’s girlfriend, known throughout Wind Gap as “Little Miss Perfect.” Desperate for popularity and recognition—and for the salvation of her own reputation—Meredith arranges on-the-record meetings between herself, Camille, and John, in order to clear her boyfriend’s name and make sure everyone in town knows she’s not dating a “fucking baby killer.” Meredith’s perfect façade and premeditated answers fade away, however, when she speaks with Camille alone, and she reveals that Ann and Natalie were not “angels” but troubled little girls with “serious tempers.”

Meredith is a very shallow, self-absorbed young girl, who is more focused on her name appearing in print than the death of her boyfriend's little sister. She uses John as a bargaining chip with Camille.

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