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Tycio Tycio 3 October 2019

Puddles FTW

He looks like an awesome dog. It's too bad she never really got one. Perhaps she would have been happier. I can't remember if they said the cat's name in the film.

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 16 August 2013

Amy Dunne Casted

Hold the phone, Gone Girl fans, because we finally have an Amy Dunne! Starring alongside Ben Affleck, who will be playing Nick Dunne, is Rosamund Pike! The actress appeared recently in Jack Reacher, but she is also known for her roles in Wrath of the Titans, An Education, Pride and Prejudice, and more.

Pike's character Amy is one of the lead characters in the film. Amy disappears on the day of her wedding anniversary, and, when people begin to investigate, a diary turns up that paints Nick in an unfortunate light and makes him the main suspect in the case. Rosamund Pike has done great work in all her roles, so it will be exciting to see her take the lead with Ben Affleck!

Source: Moviefone

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